Become a Volunteer

Be Someone Who Matters, to Someone Who Matters

I want to volunteer as a Mentor. How do I sign up?

To get started, simply click the button of the program with which you wish to volunteer. A representative from Mentor Me North Georgia will contact you.




Who does mentoring benefit?

The Young People (“Mentees”)
It is a chance for them to grow and explore new opportunities. With adult guidance, they are more likely to make positive choices and relate better to others. Other benefits include: a better attitude about school, higher college enrollment rates and higher educational aspirations, enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence, improved behavior at home and at school and improved interpersonal skills, to name a few.

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The Volunteers (“Mentors”)
Mentoring is a two-way street. Young people can teach adults valuable lessons too! Mentoring makes you take a step back from your life and gain perspective, and the lessons you teach are valuable reminders to you as well. Other benefits to mentors include a sense of accomplishment, creation of networks of volunteers, insight into childhood and adolescence, increased patience, and improved supervisory skills.

The Families
Young people with mentors can relate better to others, are less likely to strike out in anger, and can learn interpersonal skills, helping with family communication and dynamics.

The Communities
Building positive relationships with young people is an investment. It helps them stay on course and become responsible, productive adults.

What does it take to be a mentor?

Mentors need time for consistent contact, patience, communication skills and respect for boundaries.

What does a mentor do?

They listen.
They seek to enrich.
They explain and instruct.
They share an interest or passion with a young person.

What are the job requirements for volunteers?

Click the links below to view PDFs of the 2022 volunteers' job descriptions:
- Mentoring After School (MAS) Program Volunteer
- Connect Club: Small Group Leader
- Connect Club: Guest Speaker
- One-to-One Mentor Program Volunteer

What other ways can I volunteer?

You can be a Guest Speaker or Small Group Leader at a Connect Club for teens. You can also enroll a child into our mentoring program.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with Mentor Me North Georgia. If you have additional question , please contact us by email at or by calling (678) 341-8028.