Refer a Child

Know a child who needs a mentor?

Experts in youth development agree that children and teenagers benefit from having a positive adult role model in their lives in addition to parents. We match children ages 6 to 17 with mentors who can help them set and meet goals, stand-up to peer pressure, make good choices, and gain confidence.


There are a number of reasons why having a Mentor can be an enriching experience for a young person. They may struggle academically, live in a single parent household, need a self-esteem boost, or recently have suffered a death or illness in the family. Having one-on-one attention from a Mentor allows them to feel special, have someone outside the family to talk to, and allows them to enjoy new experiences and learn new things.

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Children come to us through referrals from school counselors, other social service agencies, through parents and guardians who wish to provide their child with a mentor, and through caring people like you.

Mentor Me matches children with an adult Mentor who commits to at least one year's worth of mentoring and have regular, consistent contact. The goal is that this Mentor can be someone whom the child can learn from and look up to, who can devote special one-to-one time to your child, and who will give encouragement to reach their life goals.

What Happens Next?
After you have made your referral, our case managers will contact you to discuss your application and schedule an interview. Once all background checks are completed and your materials have been collected, evaluated and approved, we will pre-match the child with a Mentor and discuss the volunteer’s details with you. With your approval of the Mentor, a meeting will be set up so that you, the child and the Mentor can meet and set goals for the mentoring relationship.